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Free Blogger Templates Rules, Regulations, and a few things to think about before you use these designs.
  • Below are the thumbnails for the free blogger templates I have created. Clicking will lead to a larger screenshot and access the .zip file with the template code and any graphics you will need.
  • ALWAYS copy and paste your current working template into a .txt file (notepad/wordpad) and save it just in case my templates screw up your site. ALWAYS.
  • I am no longer hosting the graphics myself (too expensive) so you'll need to find a free host, may I suggest photobucket. If you do not want a design with graphics, there are graphic-free designs that require no host: Here, here, and here.
  • Feel free to change these templates. As long as they are basically the same, please keep the link to my design page somewhere on your template.
  • These designs took time for me to make and those that use graphics probably cost me a little bit of money to download the graphics. If you use these templates any donation would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you are unable to implement these designs yourself, I will do it for you for $15, email me if you need this service.
  • Due to laziness, and the fact that I don't own a mac, these have only been tested in IE and Firefox for Windows.
  • I try to help troubleshoot if you are having problems with one of the designs. But, I do have a job and a family, so be patient. I reserve the right to ignore anyone and play with my kids.
Template Thumbnails
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